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John Derhak
Author of
Tales from the moe.Republic &
The Bones of Lazarus
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About John
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Times Square, the Big Apple, Summer 2008
Photograph courtesy of Ignacio Diaz
(I'm older, wiser, and fatter now, but I always liked that shirt)

John Derhak is a writer, storyteller, and historian, who spends his time between Maine and Florida, and all places in between.

His works of fiction include, Tales from the moe.Republic (2007) and The Bones of Lazarus (2012), which is based on a novella that originally appeared in a collection of short stories entitled, Chill Your Cockles (2008).

The song, "The Bones of Lazarus," by the rock band moe., from their 2012 album, "What Happened to the LA LAs" (Sugar Hill Records), was named for the novel.

His general interests include but are not limited to: History of plumbing. The feel of a new pen. The aurora borealis. Popular uprisings. Baseball. A bottle of good red wine. Fine cigars. Sons. Family. Friends. The beach. Imagination. Astral projection. Common Sense. A stand of pines. Moose. Gnarly Barley Ale. Prime numbers. Pooches. The Red Sox nation. The Patriots. A pint of Guiness. Czech Pilsners. Aureolas. Curves. Mountains. Wilderness. The urban jungle. moe., jazz, bluegrass, the standards, and rock 'n roll. The higher stages of the barbarian culture. P.T. Barnum as philosopher-king. Grilled Asparagus. The buzz with onomatopoeia.
He is presently on the lam in the Czech Republic.