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Chill Your Cockles jumps a storyline from John's first novel, Tales from the moe.Republic.
It's Halloween at the moe.Republic Hotel and 'brother' John is up to his old shenanigans again. The Pumpkin Ale is flowing fast and furious from the infinite fount of the moe.microbrewery, Bwana Dick and the Hooded Dakotas are cranking out a cover of 'Bear Song,' and the crowd is high-stepping into the lounge dressed for the fantastic. It can only mean one thing - time for the annual storytellers contest.
The contest has brought in the 'bestest and boldest' from all walks of life throughout the Lost Kingdom of Moose Harbor. Chill Your Cockles features four harrowing and haunting tales that will shiver your timbers and make your cockles tingle with fright, including the original version of The Bones of Lazarus that inspired the novel.
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“Chill Your Cockles …enhances the dual historical and legendary realms within Derhak’s fascinating literary world.” Relix Magazine

“Mr. Derhak has once again brought us into the Lost Kingdom of Moose Harbor & the results are even better than on the first visit.”

"I'll take my Cockles Chilled, please… This book is an absolute must buy! …masterful storytelling that leaves you wanting more…" Better World Books

"…a true masterpiece that any horror fan would treasure…" Factory Books